Graphene Flagships Initiatives working groups

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Under the umbrella of the Graphene Flagship Initiative (GFI), projects like 2D-BioPAD come together for meetings, organised as working groups, cover coordination & governance, dissemination, roadmapping, and standardisation.

The Coordination Board, composed of RIA/IA project coordinators and GrapheneEU partners, manages discussions for all Graphene Flagship initiative projects. Their focus includes establishing their working structure, developing collaboration timelines, and forming internal working groups. They coordinate reporting schedules, manage outcomes, and standardize approaches. Additionally, they strategize on innovation, align with regulatory policies, liaise with EU and international institutions, and create a common association mechanism. They also organize dissemination activities such as conferences, workshops, and educational programs to raise awareness.

The GrapheneEU Dissemination team plays a crucial role in communicating all news related to graphene. Researchers and project participants are encouraged to share publications, discoveries, prototypes, products, and events, which the team can then publicize through the Graphene Flagship website, social media (@GrapheneEU), and press outreach. These efforts include contributions to the Graphene Initiative Annual Report, which is distributed to project officers and key leaders within the European Commission (EC). Coordinated social media campaigns, such as those for Christmas and Earth Day, are also part of the initiative’s strategy to engage a broader audience.

The Graphene Flagship's Technology and Innovation Roadmap (TIR) aims to transition graphene from lab research to industrial use. In Horizon Europe, Fraunhofer will coordinate these efforts, focusing on:

  • Helping projects establish and implement their own roadmaps.
  • Monitoring and reporting on scientific, technological, and market developments.
  • Aggregating roadmap results across the Graphene Flagship initiative.

GFI supports the RIAs/IAs in creating regulatory-ready products. To facilitate this, GFI provides standardized and regulatory-compliant characterization methods that can be applied throughout the product development process. The goal of this standardization effort is to ensure regulatory compliance, which is a critical component for the successful innovation of two-dimensional materials (2DMs).