2D-BioPAD at Graphene Flagship Common Kick-Off Meeting

Thumbnail image of the post: 2D-BioPAD at Graphene Flagship Common Kick-Off Meeting.

The Graphene Flagship Common Kick-Off Meeting, held in Gothenburg on February 5th, 2024, gathered top researchers and innovators in the field of 2D materials.

Bringing together representatives from 12 Research and Innovation Actions (RIAs) and Innovation Actions (IAs), the event marked the official commencement of their collective endeavors. With a focus on shared goals, attendees delved into crucial topics such as innovation road-mapping, standardization, and outreach strategies aimed at accelerating the practical applications of graphene. During the gathering, participants engaged in lively discussions, tackling prevalent challenges and charting the course for future advancements in 2D materials.

A standout moment occurred when the coordinator of the MUNASET project, dedicated to sensing depression disorders, engaged in a fruitful discussion with the coordinator of the 2D-BioPAD within the Graphene Flagship CSA. Exploring potential synergies, the dialogue illuminated exciting avenues for collaboration, particularly in harnessing 2D materials for innovative healthcare solutions.